Network Brewery

Network Brewery started in early 2016 as a need to break up the day job in medical compliance work for founder Brian. He opened the brewery in a small space in Santa Ana with his 5 bbl brew system, 2 10 bbl fermenter and 1 15 bbl fermenter; and looking to find a way to squeeze another one in there. Network Brewery mills their own grain and repurposes their spent grain to feed their chickens at home! If you’re looking for a seat at Network get here early as their tasting room has 18 bar stools and can get packed after work and on the weekend. 22 oz bottles are filled by hand with care to take home with you, or grab a 64 oz growler fill to!

1824 Carnegie Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Tasting Room Hours:
3pm – 10pm Mon – Thurs
12pm – 11pm Fri – Sat
12pm – 8pm Sun